Harness the power of the sun with The Home Transformation Guy - Solar Surrey Downs.

Australia has some of the world’s best clean energy sources. The Home Transformation Guy - Solar Surrey Downs superior clean energy resources, like solar power, have the capacity to meet Australia’s growing energy needs while providing a clean powered, sustainable economy.

How does it work

Solar panels are located to maximize exposure to the sun and minimise shading. A north-facing roof at 35 degrees is optimum, however orientation within 45 degrees east or west of north results only in marginal power losses, approximately 20%.

The Home Transformation Guy - Solar Surrey Downs engineers design solar array frames that can be installed on almost any roof to maintain optimum tilt and orientation of solar panels.

Inverters and safety switches are installed in positions out of the weather or weather proof enclosures are used when outside. A laundry, garage or outside under the eaves are optimal positions.


  • Solar-Energy
  • High module efficiency and stable power output based on leading process technology.
  • Outstanding electrical performance order high-temperature conditions or low-irradiance conditions.
  • Ease of installation and all-weather applications due to the innovative engineering design.


  • Grid Connected System
  • Residential solar applications.
  • Public and industrial applications.

The Home Transformation Guy - Solar Surrey Downs Park - QUALITY AND WARRANTY

  • Average power of modules in single order is guaranteed not less than the peak power.
  • Average cell efficiency of 17.5%.
  • Meets the requirements of Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001).

The Home Transformation Guy - Solar Surrey Downs can design any size system to suit your requirements, below is an example of the standard size systems.

  • 1.44kw Systems
  • 1.62kw Systems
  • 2kw system
  • 2.88kw system
  • 3kw system
  • 3.24kw system
  • 5kw system

The Home Transformation Guy - Solar Surrey Downs - GUARANTEES

  • 5 year warranty
  • 25 year lifespan

Contact The Home Transformation Guy - Solar Surrey Downs on 08 8331 8164 for more information on solar options for your home.

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